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Sikkim situated in the Eastern Himalayas, one of the smallest states of India is a magical mix of nature and myriad of cultures that you will surely found no where else. A Sikkim tour is sheer magic. It is one of the cleanest, safest and naturally blessed states in India that allure visitors from all across the world. Natural landscapes, misty mountains, colorful butterflies, cascading water streams , luxuriant forests, holy caves, ancient monasteries, sacred lakes , medicinal hot springs which are now well complimented with development and progress of the state makes it one of the most sought after tourist destinations of North east India. Nestled in the Himalayas and blessed with exceptional 

Thangu Valley Sikkim
natural resources, the state is a hotspot of biodiversity and development makes it no less than heaven. On Sikkim tours guests can come across various scintillating hot spots that the visitors can’t afford to miss.

Gangtok, the capital city of Gangtok is situated at an altitude of 5,500 ft is a popular tourist destination and a Buddhist pilgrimage. Today it is a centre of Tibetan Buddhist culture and learning due to the presence of several monasteries, educational institutions and cultural centers. Several major attractions on Gangtok tour include Deer Park that showcases the varieties of deer and some other native animals of the state. 

Sikkim Holiday
The White Hall built in 1932 is the first political office of Sikkim. Rumtek Monastery is the largest in Sikkim with Tsongo Lake is considered sacred by local people. The quaint environs and tranquil surroundings make Sikkim an ideal place to have more than 200 monasteries. Spiritual heritage of the state is well preserved in these monasteries and gompas belonging to Nyigma and Kagyu orders of Buddhism. One can easily come across Lamas in red and yellow attires flank the hills and there spiritual chants reverberate the whole atmosphere with tranquility and spiritual essence.

Sikkim is a perfect destination for vacationers and 

City of Gangtok
holiday makers who are in quest of enchantment, tranquility and adventure. The region is an absolute heaven for trekkers. The trek at Sikkim mainly starts with Yuksum as a base. Various trekking routes include Pemayangtse, Khechopalri, Yuksum, Tsokha, Dzongri, Thangshing, Zemathang and Chaurigang etc that help the trekkers to discover the misty mountains and stunning beauty of the surroundings. The most popular treks opted by the trekkers on Sikkim tours is Dzongi-Goecha La trek that offer spectacular views of mighty Kanchenzunga. Cradled in the lap of mighty Himalayas, Guests can also enjoy mountaineering during their Sikkim tours. It offers its guests a unique opportunity to conquer these small 

Sikkim Tours
and large peaks and enjoy the stunning beauty of the state. Best time to enjoy the beauty of various interesting places of Sikkim is from September to November and February to May .

So what you are thinking now? India holiday packages offer so many interesting holiday packages that the guests can choose according to their budget and interest. In these Sikkim tours guests can marvel at the stupa and monasteries, acquaint them selves with a rich cultural heritage and feel fascinated about the holidays that is more than a dream – a voyage of adventure, thrill and excitement and feel fascinated about the holidays that is more than a dream.

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